Farmington, Maine Historical Society
The Octagon

In May 2013, the FHS became proud owners of "The Octagon." Work has already begun on sorting and organizing the contents, so that the building can be opened for functions and events.    

Built in 1858, it is one of 19 in Maine and 400 in the US. It has been occupied by the Mallett family for the past century. On the National Register of Historic Places, The Octagon sits in the downtown and is one of Farmington's historic landmarks.
Community involvement and fundraising is being planned.  If there ever was a time to support Farmington's history, it is now!
The Music Room
c. 1950's
Taffy Davis views Farmington's downtown from the cupola.
Titcomb House
Built c. 1846, the Titcomb House is the Historical Society's home museum and research center.  Filled with thousands of artifacts, documents, maps and books pertaining to Farmington's history, the Titcomb House is a time capsule of the town's history. 

Titcomb House-118 Academy St.
A young visitor enjoys the Civil War display.
B.F. Watson sleigh, one of 18 carriage/sleigh makers.