Farmington, Maine Historical Society
Strategic Plan
The Farmington Historical Society (FHS) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1961. It currently houses its collections in the Titcomb House and the North Church. Both buildings are located in the Downtown Farmington National Historic District.
The mission of the FHS is to discover, procure and preserve the history of Farmington. The Society maintains and preserves its collections, encourages the study and research of local history and disseminates information. During the summer of 2012 the opportunity to purchase the historic Octagon House at the corner of High and Perham Streets was offered to the FHS by the Mallett Family that has owned the property for 100 years and is currently on the National Register of Historic Places. This opportunity prompted the FHS to broaden the interpretation of its mission and to develop the following Strategic Plan. This plan identifies five “Pillars of Purpose” that are considered to be the principal functions where the FHS should focus its resources and program initiatives to create a strong foundation for bringing Farmington’s past to the present and into its future. 
With the purchase and renovation of the Octagon House and the completion of renovations to the North Church the FHS will have the facilities it needs to develop a variety of new programs, activities and functions that will enable the FHS to become an attraction in Downtown Farmington that contributes to the economy, culture and education of the community.  

Discover, procure and preserve the history of greater Farmington using best management practices for acceptance, cataloging and storage of historic artifacts. The FHS is the preferred custodian of the historic treasures of our region.
Programs, opportunities and educational materials are created that celebrate Farmington’s rich history and share its historic artifacts with the local schools, UMF and the community at large. 
Historical presentations are expanded to include changing displays depicting periods, events, and people to provide different perspectives of our past. Through collaboration with local authors, artisans, theatrical groups, educational classes, and other organizations and individuals the Farmington Historical Society presents performances, readings, special events and displays that depict our local history. 
By utilizing all current methods of communication the FHS expands its membership base. By partnering with UMF, RSU9, the Town of Farmington, and other community based organizations the FHS is a catalyst for community pride, volunteerism and economic and community development. 
Resource Development
The FHS continues to be diligent in attracting resources through grants, partnerships, collaborations, member contributions and the development of revenues from