Farmington, Maine Historical Society
History Resources

Chamber of Commerce Board of Trade Journal, vol. 23, May 1910

The Board of Trade Journal is a great resource as it takes a look at many aspects of Farmington then (1910) with some historical notes as well.  It is illustrated with many pictures.
Coming soon-​Farmington's Historic District

Farmington's Historic District was accepted as a National Historic District by the National Parks Service in 1995.   Info. coming soon.
New England Magazine 1904
A nice recap of the history of Farmington with briefs on the early settlers, schools, churches, banking and people.  Contains many pictures.
History of Farmington-1846 by Thomas Parker

One of the earliest written accounts of "the history of Farmington."   
History of Law Enforcement

History of Franklin County law enforcement from 1838. History of crime and punishment, jail activity and sheriffs. 
History of Farmington-Maine Memory Network 

A collaborative project completed in 2010 with narratives, pictures and maps.

Francis Gould Butler's History of Farmington Maine-1885

Considered the "bible" of Farmington's history, Butler's extensive history and research create invaluable documentation regarding the town's history.  A large genealogy section also provides a great resource to researchers.
1861 Map of Franklin County by Towns

This is an awesome resource of topographical maps of each Franklin Co. town and includes some drawings of homesteads.

Franklin County cemeteries and a listing of those buried there.
History of the Town of Industry (Maine), William C. Hatch, 1893

A large volume in the same format at F.G. Butler's History of Farmington.  Many people are connected between the Farmington and Industry.
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