Farmington Historical Society, Maine Farmington Historical Society
Farmington, Maine Historical Society
Preserving Farmington's history for the future
Upcoming Events
Sept. 11   Concert with Perpetual e-motion.
                7pm @ the North Church. $15.
                Ice cream social 5:30-7pm &                 intermission, by donation.

Sept. 15   Monthly pot-luck dinner at the Thomas                 Wendall home (Fr. Gallagher, 449 Holley                 Rd) 5:30pm.  Enjoy this historic                 home.               

Sept. 23   Gold Leaf Institute program: Exploring                 the "farm" in Farmington. Presenter                 Taffy Davis. $5.25

Sept. 30   Concert w/Tannahill Weavers-7pm, $20
                ea.  Cheesecake & pie 5:30-7p &                             intermission by donation.

Oct. 4      Western Maine 100 Mile History Tour-                visit historical societies & museums all                along Rt. 4, 16 and 27 in this loop during                spectacular fall foliage!  More to come.

Oct. 7      Concert: J. Keelaghan & D.                Gunning-7pm.  Tickets $15. Public                dinner 530-7pm. Chili (meat, veg),                salad, bread, dessert, $10.

Oct. 17    Donor Recognition at the North Church                 6-8pm.

Oct. 20    Monthly mtg.-canceled
Oct. 23    Concert: Bonhomme Setter-7pm. Tickets                 $15. pm. Cheesecake & pie 5:30-7pm &                 intermission, by donation.
Located in Farmington, Maine, the historical society is touted by state and preservation agencies as being "far ahead of most historical societies." the Farmington Historical Society has been procuring and preserving Farmington's incredible history since 1961.

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Upcoming Concerts! 

Perpetual e-Motion-Thurs. Sept. 11, 7pm 

Ice cream social 5:30pm & intermission, by donation

Self described as "passionate, propulsive and progressive."  This Maine based duo presents an innovative and captivating take on traditional inspired dance music, integrating multilayered electric fiddle with acoustic-electric synth guitar, foot percussion, didgeridoo and vocals to create a surreal, hypnotic and invigorating tapestry of grooves and soundscapes. 
A blend of music, techno and artistry that will leave you wondering how 2 Maine musicians can create so much fun and interesting music!  Learn about them here.
Perpetual e-Motion website.  Tickets $15. 

Tannahill Weavers-Tues. Sept. 30, 7pm
The Tannahill Weavers' arrangements blend the beauty of the traditional melodies with the power of modern rhythms. The penetrating sound of the Highland bagpipes is a thread of ancient memory running through it all.  Tannahill Weavers website.
Listen to Tannahill Weavers here.
​Tickets $20.  Selected cheesecakes & pies from 6-7p & at intermission, by donation.
Farmington Historical Society
MCF Grant Received!
The Maine Community Foundation has awarded the Farmington Historical Society $9,000.  The grant has helped pay for the stage enlargement, wiring and 2 heat exchangers in the performance area in the upstairs of the North Church.  The work is almost complete and the stage and wiring will be tested during the first concert of the concert series (see below).  
Sadie at the Back Door by Perpetual e-Motion