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Upcoming Events
March 23 Refreshments provided at the Town             Meeting @ the Community Center.             7pm.

April 2   "In the Blood," a striking film & live             presentation of the Maine lumber river             drivers, 7pm.

April 16 Zink and Co. concert,  7pm 

April 27 6pm Pot luck dinner and business                 meeting.

May 7  Richard Wood & Gordon Belscher             concert, 7pm.

Located in Farmington, Maine, the historical society is touted by state and preservation agencies as being "far ahead of most historical societies." the Farmington Historical Society has been procuring and preserving Farmington's incredible history since 1961.

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Farmington Historical Society
The 1904 Cole Tracker organ is back in the music making business after being tuned this past week. 
The Potter Rathburn Organ Company traveled from Rhode Island to tune the Farmington area organs, mostly  in the local churches.  This is a trip they make twice per year.  Last spring, they stopped by the North Church to take a look at the organ and found it to be in pretty good shape.  "Play it" was the word.
The leather bellows do have a small tear, and there are still a few wood pipes, but that didn't deter from the tuning it received this week or its playability.  
Last spring, community folks donated the funds for the nearly $700 tuning.  Thank you all who want to see this beautiful instrument in action.
Next up-plans for a concert!  Stay tuned.
Organ is Tuned!

Zink & Company  Concert-Thurs. April 16, 7pm, $15

They have graced the stages of numerous festivals on the east coast and Canada, entertaining audiences with original and traditional songs executed in vibrant harmony. Zink & CO. is firmly rooted in the traditions of the early decades of bluegrass and country music. 

Yummy Desserts served-6pm & intermission, by donation

​Visit Zink & Co.'s website here.

                In the Blood-Thurs. April 2, 7pm $15

                                                  In the Blood uses rare and stunning archival films, photographs, oral                                                   histories and a compelling original music score. Viewers are taken                                                   on an virtual journey into a turn-of-the-century Maine Logging                                                            Camp. By investigating the character of the men who lived in the                                                   logging camps, a new light is shed on a vital era in Maine’s history.  Seen on MPBN.                                                  Visit website
                                                    Watch a movie trailer of this extraordinary film here.

         Join for a  baked bean dinner- 530-7pm! $8

North Church Concert Series